What does a life coach do?

A life coach guides you from just surviving to confident and thriving!

I get asked all the time, “What is a Life Coach? Do you tell people what to do?”

No. Not at all. It is not the role of a Life Coach to tell you what to do. I don’t give directions. My job is to encourage and support you in uncovering the answers yourself.

We all deal with ups and downs, with transitions both planned and unexpected. Marriage, divorce, health diagnosis, job change, a move across the ocean. Life Coaches work with people who are facing tough decisions or struggling with personal trauma. Instead of offering solutions like a business consultant might or talking about healing past experiences like a counselor or therapist might, a Life Coach provides tools and non-judgemental support to guide a client towards finding his or her own solutions and inner strength.

Think about a sports coach. A sports coach demonstrates the techniques and provides the equipment for training but it is the athlete who must to do the work themselves to improve on the field. It is this model on which Life Coaching is based.

And unlike traditional forms of psychotherapy or consulting, my role is to help you find your answers quickly. When you do the work yourself to identify solutions, you OWN THEM! Your brain incorporate these new thoughts organically and smoothly.

Has anyone given you advice and that inner voice in your head starts screaming, “Don’t tell me what to do!!!”? Even if, rationally, you know it is good advice?  Mitch Matthews and David Nadler, my Life Coach trainers, call this the Intellectual Immune System (watch Mitch give a TedX talk about it here).

Think about it… when a foreign cell, whether it is as tiny as a microbe or as large as a transplanted organ, is introduced into our system, our body’s defense is to label the cell and target it for destruction. Our immune system oversees this process. Even going so far as to have a memory so that, if attacked by the same invaders again, we can stop them quicker next time.

Our brains have a similar mechanism.The Intellectual Immune System is the defense system that our brains use in respond to new stimuli, new ideas. Our brains are like giant super computers that, since childhood, we ask to process upto 50 thousand thoughts everyday! To avoid overload, the brain finds the quickest way to process these thoughts. One way it does this is by labelling new as bad. Even if we consciously think the idea is beneficial, our brain’s instinct is to reject it.

Life Coaching can help you overcome these defenses. It provides a framework in which I help you discover and clarify your path. But, it is you who, ultimately, creates the plan and does the work. You put the pieces in place and empower yourself to create lasting success.