Breakfast-on-your-face scrub

I absolutely LOVE this recipe from Deliciously Ella! Wish I had known about it when my sons were learning to eat solid foods! Three simple ingredients: Banana (1/2 a ripe one) Oatmeal (about 2 tablespoons) Honey (about 1 teaspoon) That’s it! Here are the photos from Ella’s site: Mash the banana with a fork then mix in … More Breakfast-on-your-face scrub

Cucumber G&Ts

Spice up your Gin & Tonics with a few slices of cucumbers and a dash of pepper!     I originally posted this recipe here on another blog after drinking one of these at a girls’ night event. It’s a spiced-up version of the American classic G&T. I love this on a hot summer day! (the … More Cucumber G&Ts

Self-care toolbox 1: Parenting yourself

Children crave acceptance and approval. As adults, we really just want the same. But, for many of us, we are too quick to self-criticize when we make a mistake. For high achievers, we often develop this pattern of perfectionism as young children. Here is a short, simple tool that can help soothe your critical inner voice… Find a picture of yourself … More Self-care toolbox 1: Parenting yourself