Breakfast-on-your-face scrub

I absolutely LOVE this recipe from Deliciously Ella! Wish I had known about it when my sons were learning to eat solid foods!

Three simple ingredients:

  1. Banana (1/2 a ripe one)
  2. Oatmeal (about 2 tablespoons)
  3. Honey (about 1 teaspoon)

That’s it! Here are the photos from Ella’s site:

Mash the banana with a fork then mix in the oats and honey. Then massage into your skin for a few minutes. Ella suggests doing it over the sink to avoid making a mess. She leaves it on for an hour before washing off with warm water. I rarely find an hour where I can lay still so I do 10-15 minutes. My skin feels really smooth afterwards!

(In full disclosure, this recipe supposedly makes 2 masks but I end up snacking on the rest of it before putting it on. You can pamper your skin and taste buds!)

3 thoughts on “Breakfast-on-your-face scrub

  1. Hi, Fab blog! Will be trying this!! I have just set up mine, but still in the very early stages! Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog, as I have just published my first post. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Melanie! Thanks for your comment! Just headed over to your blog and I am DROOLING! (probably should have had dinner first! lol!) Looks fantastic and I love your writing style. You have the business savvy and networking skills to rock the blogging world!
      Stay in touch and happy eating!

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      1. Hey, wow thank you for the fab feedback! I really do hope so!! 🙂 I would love to stay in touch. My email is on the site if you ever need any hints/tips on Manchester. Love eating, drinking and now blogging! Do pop by soon 🙂


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